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Before and After Case Study: New Sales Funnel Returns 3X Ad Spend for Master Fear of Flying App


Before and After Case Study: $15 Qualified Leads From The World’s Biggest Retailers for Training Evidence Systems


Before and After Case Study: Copywriting For CityBeach’s New Website Re-Positions The Brand As Leaders In The Market


Copywriting by Paul Giannotti

'Connect and Convert'

I design digital experiences to attract visitors, convert leads, make sales and delight customers.

Combining the fields of Copywriting, Psychology and Design, I use my unique copy credo to increase conversion rates.

Client Happiness

“Just wanted to let you know that we won the Nespresso contract, AND, Nespresso said that our tender was the most professional they had ever seen. BTW, that was said by the new boss who used to be at Apple… So, yay, your letter totally rocked it!!”
“Thumbs up on the landing page, he asked many people to do this and no one has succeeded…except you :)”
“The whole process exceeded my already high expectations. It was quick and painless, and we were very happy with the end result.”
“His words came promptly with eloquence and demonstrated a genuine reflection of our brand and aspirations. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Paul for your next project.”

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