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Education Based Selling

Suffering from any of these common business problems?


  • Are you in a market where the only differentiation is price?
  • Do your margins continue to be squeezed, as your business is becoming more and more commoditized?
  • Do you feel a growing lack of trust between you and your customers/prospects?


If you can identify with any of these problems, then you need to adopt education based selling.

In this business principle, you are going to strategically become a trusted source of valuable information for your prospects and customers. Marketing genius Jay Abraham (a man responsible for over $7 billion dollars of growth in the businesses he has consulted with) calls this strategy ‘becoming the trusted advisor’.

Becoming a trusted advisor means that you educate your clients to the best way of achieving their goals. You draw on your experience and expertise in your field and use it ethically to help your customers… And ultimately…


You build trust


Your goal is to build strong relationships with your customers. A bond and a level of trust that can:


  • Diminish the impact of higher prices
  • Make selling easier
  • Increase customer retention


It requires that you act only in your customers best interest’s. Always.

The only way you will ever be given trust, is if you consistently act in your customer’s best interests. This can mean sometimes putting their welfare above your profits.

But sometimes it means selling them more, selling them harder…

Jay uses this analogy – imagine you are a vendor selling water. A man comes into your store suffering with extreme dehydration, and asks you for half a glass of water, what would you do? It would be your moral and ethical responsibility to educate him to the fact that he NEEDS many more litres of water for his body to run at full health capacity.

In this way it is also your responsibility to never allow your customers to buy less than they should.

Take the leading role and advise and educate your customer to the most beneficial, effective and efficient package that you are able to offer them, that will best fulfil their needs.

Another huge benefit of education based selling is that you can…


Set the buying criteria


This brilliant strategy calls for you to educate your customers to the best way of purchasing your service.

Again you take the advisory role, and teach your prospects. By drawing on your expertise, you show them what they should be looking for. And how they should be purchasing your product or service, in order to get the most effective result.

In doing so, you also pre-empt and exclude the competition by positioning yourself as the only business that can fulfil the key buying criteria that you purposely set out.

Think that might make selling a bit easier?


Practical Exercise


It's time to do your research. Can you uncover credible sources of information that can prove your customer should buy from you? Here's the sort of research you're looking for:

  • Facts and figures you can use to 'WOW' your prospects
  • Case studies and testimonials that prove the service you offer provides the best solution to your prospects needs
  • Before and after stories of successful past customers (or failures of people trying to do things another way)
  • Industry statistics which you can leverage to encourage prospects to take action now
  • Information that will be of value to your prospects (making it easy to lead into appointments and sales situations)


The next step is to take this research and craft a compelling story that you can walk your prospects through. These are some of the point you should be covering:

  • Your research presentation (or free report) becomes an advertisement for your company disguised as valuable information for your prospects
  • Frame the story as an educational experience that will help your customers satisfy their most important needs
  • Use the research to prove that your service will be highly beneficial to them
  • Convey information that demonstrates how far worse off they will be if they don't take action now
  • Leverage your findings to strategically position your business as the only logical choice

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