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The internet has changed buying behaviour forever. Armed with information at their fingertips, consumers are discovering, considering and selecting businesses in a whole new way.

Inbound marketing can help you if:

  • You're not getting enough leads
  • You're not getting enough high-quality, qualified leads
  • You're having trouble converting leads to customers

By creating helpful content that your prospects WANT to read, it will impact every stage of your sales funnel:


Email marketing

According to, email is 40x more effective than Facebook and Twitter!

Email marketing is the thread that weaves together your best inbound marketing intentions.

It's the tool that lets you completely automate the process of:

  • Building a personal one-to-one relationship with your prospect
  • Systematically moving your prospect down your sales funnel
  • Doing it at the lowest cost of any marketing channel

When combined with quality content, you have a recipe to engage, delight, and turn prospects into paying customers.

I can help you with a range of email copywriting:

  • Auto-responder series: automate the process of moving a new lead down your funnel to become a sales qualified lead
  • Product launch sequences: warm up your list and get them excited and ready to buy your new product
  • Regular email newsletters: keep your relationships strong with regular communication that adds value to your subscribers' lives
  • Upsells, cross sells, and re-order campaigns: get them while they're hot by automating a simple but powerful strategy to increase customer value
  • Reactivation campaigns: fix the leaks in your customer churn by engaging with your customers BEFORE they are a chance of dropping off

PDF lead magnets

A PDF lead magnet is a high-quality content piece that you can use to 'ethically bribe' your visitors to provide their contact deals in exchange for access.

By offering something of significant value for free (such as a case study, white paper or tool kit), you benefit in two ways:

  • Relationship building: by genuinely helping to solve your prospects problems you're creating trust while proving your expertise
  • Lead generation: in exchange for access to the lead magnet, your prospect must provide his contact details. Congratulations, you have a new lead

The best practice for using lead magnets to assist sales, is to strategically to move prospects down your sales funnel via varying premium content offers:

  • 1. Top of the funnel offer: is a lead magnet focused on talking about your prospect's problems. This is also a qualification mechanism, as you know that people who request this information have the problem you solve
  • 2. Middle of the funnel offer: now that the prospect is qualified you can offer them a lead magnet that is based more on you and your service. It could be a pricing sheet, your playbook, a 'how you work' document. Prospects who request this are interested in your company and are moved down the sales funnel becoming sales ready
  • 3. Bottom of the funnel offer: at this point content and automation have played their part in warming a lead up for the sales team. Now is the time for the sales team to step in and offer a free consultation, product demonstration or sales meeting

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