Make your marketing meaningful -

Make your marketing meaningful

Why Call to Actions (CTAs) Are All Important
May 16, 2015
Stop the me, me, me mentality
September 12, 2015

I often talk with clients and they tell me they want to portray themselves in a specific light.

They want to be perceived as credible, an authority, and an expert who can be trusted.

So in their marketing messages they end up writing, “I’m trustworthy” “I’m reliable”, “The No.1 expert in…”.

This results in websites that are filled with clever lines about ‘quality’, ‘integrity’ and ‘service’.

But what’s wrong with these messages?

Three big things:

  • They offer no real benefit to your visitors (what’s in it for them?)
  • They give visitors no compelling reason to contact you over your competitors (after all, anyone can make those claims)
  • There’s no specific offer or call to action (therefore it’s not measurable)

This type of marketing on your website will not make your phone ring, and it will not make visitors convert into leads.

Vague messages such as ‘quality’, ‘integrity’ and ‘service’ are so overused today that visitors just block them out.

We live in a skeptical world inundated with advertising messages, and people are sick of being marketed to.

The reality is your visitors don’t want to be sold to, but they do want to be helped.


What to do next


Focus your marketing efforts on helping your prospects:

  • Provide valuable information
  • Offer hard won insights gained through years of experience
  • Give insider’s tips and tricks that help achieve goals faster and easier

You can be the trusted expert. But not by just saying you are. You need to demonstrate it by proving your expertise. You need to walk the talk.

And there’s no better way than by packaging your knowledge into a valuable piece of lead generation content.

I call this a premium content offer – a compelling free offer that is focused on solving your visitor’s problem. It can be a case study, white paper, how-to guide or any other downloadable format.

This is the best strategy online right now to get visitors to put up their hands and qualify themselves as someone who has a problem that you can solve (a genuine prospect).

By using a special conversion-focused web page called a ‘lead capture page’, this gives you the technology to offer your premium content in exchange for your visitor’s contact details.

Congratulations, you just got a new lead. Now you can move them through your sales funnel and convert them into a customer.

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