Stop the me, me, me mentality -

Stop the me, me, me mentality

Make your marketing meaningful
July 22, 2015

Have you ever walked into a meeting with a prospect focused squarely on your pitch?

Your mind full of all the things you can’t afford to forget. You know, the details of your offer, the product features, all the great things about your business they just need to know.

What happens when you approach your prospect from this state of mind?

Well before they have a chance to tell you about their problem, you’ve launched into a tirade of product features and benefits. All the reasons why you’re so great.

But the thing is, they don’t care about any of that (at least, not at first).

There are only two things your prospect cares about:

  1. The problem they want to remove… or
  2. The result they want to achieve

This is what’s running through their mind when they arrive at your website.

They don’t care about you. They care about themselves and how you can help them remove a problem, or get a result.

Not connecting with the visitors on what’s important to them has got to be the biggest mistake I see many of my new clients make online.

Instead, they focus on how great they are (their qualifications, number of years in business, awards they’ve won).

This leaves visitors with questions in their mind. Wondering if you really understand the problem they have. Wondering if you have what it takes to solve it.

Because ultimately, if you don’t demonstrate that you really ‘get’ your visitor’s needs, they’ll quickly click off to find someone who does.

What to do instead

Become ruthlessly customer focused.

In your marketing, it’s important that you focus on your customer. Address their fears, frustrations, problems, questions and objections. Demonstrate how you can help them get what they want (achieve their goal, or remove their problem).

Talk directly to the issues that are important to them. And push those emotional hot buttons that will drive them to take action.

You can find your prospect’s hot buttons by…

Joining the conversation already going on in your prospect’s mind.

Think about what led them to your website. It’s those problems, issues or goals that are driving their behaviour. So naturally, if you address these issues (and not talk about yourself so much), you’ll get higher response rates.

You have an opportunity as an experienced expert in your field to really help your prospects. You can use your expertise to become their friend, their teacher, their mentor and their trusted advisor.

How do you do it?

Give your prospects valuable information that will help them achieve their goals. Genuinely be of service.

This is the crux of inbound marketing (also called content marketing). It’s modern, customer-focussed marketing, that’s proven to generate leads at 61% lower cost than outbound marketing.

The strategy leading inbound marketers are using to generate more leads is simple education. They attract, inform and convert prospects by providing valuable content – a special report, white paper, how-to guide or case study.

Presenting visitors with free premium content in exchange for their contact details is the fastest way to convert visitors to leads:


Your visitor (now prospect) will benefit from your experience, insight and expertise. And you’ll benefit by creating a relationship, building trust and proving you’ve got what it takes.

Remember, successful businesses are the ones who solve problems for their clients and customers.

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