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Unique Selling Proposition

The most important question your prospects are thinking?


 “Why should I choose you over your competitors?”


If you fail to clearly address this question, your prospects may fail to choose you!

You have to put yourself in their shoes…

Imagine that you are seeking out a business like yours:


  • How would you make your decision?
  • What factors would you weigh up to make the best choice possible?
  • Where would you look to find the solution you need?
  • And how would you decide which company to favour from a group of similar businesses?


Along with getting a deep understanding of your prospects (their needs, problems, desires and buying criteria), you need to look at what your competitors are offering…


  • What are their strengths that you need to downplay (example – they’re the market leader, so you offer a level of personalized service they can’t match)?
  • And what are their weaknesses that you can exploit (example – can you offer guarantee on your work, where they can’t)?


Once you have the answers to these, you can formulate your strategy to…


Make your competition irrelevant


Your unique selling proposition is what makes your business different.

When your prospect is considering other companies, its that point of different which persuades him to go with you. If done well, your USP can make you the only logical choice for your prospect.

Get started crafting your own competition killing USP…


Practical Exercise

Look at your customer's buying criteria:

  • In their decision to buy, what are the five most important things to them?
  • What are the common objections they have to a sale?
  • In what favourable ways can you differentiate your business from your competitors?
  • What research can you find that demonstrates your customers would be far greater off with your service (or far worse off without it)?
  • What can you teach them (using your expertise) about making better buying decisions?


Now take these insights and explore ways in which you can:

  • Mold your offering and communications to powerfully to satisfy those needs
  • Pre-emptively overcome your prospects objections, even before they become objections
  • If there is no difference between you and your competitors, what you can do ti provide added value
  • Demonstrate the most effective purchase process (positioning your company as the only logical choice)


Even better if your customers don’t have a strong buying criteria. You can play the educational role and mold their criteria to your benefit.

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