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Work The Back End

Research by TARP reveals it….


Costs 5x more to acquire to a new client


Than it does to retain and sell to an existing client.

If you’re not actively developing and testing new offerings to your current client database, then you’re overlooking the easy opportunities.

Remember the three ways to grow a business? Working the backend means targeting one of those pillars (your frequency of sales) and working to expand it and your customer lifetime value.

As a business who has provided valuable service to your customers, satisfied their needs, developed great relationships, gained their trust and good-will…you now have a right to…


Leverage that good-will


People don’t buy in a vacuum.

Meaning, if your customer has shown a predisposition to purchase your product or service, then it’s likely they will be interested in similar products or services.


A few simple examples:

  • A patron of a hair salon may also enjoy getting their nails done
  • A yoga enthusiast could also be interested in learning meditation
  • A builder working on a home renovation may know his client would likely want landscaping
  • A lawyer may know his clients need prudent financial advice


So get into the mind of your customer. What else can you offer? What would they value and appreciate most?

And it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to provide the service, but it can mean you can profit from it…


The example of the lawyer


John is a divorce attorney.

After years at the job, he’s painfully aware that the majority of his clients need good financial advice. John knows he can’t dispense financial advice. But what can he do?

One strategy he can use is to leverage someone else’s expertise. So John partners up with Sam, an accountant specialising in estate planning.

In this partnership, John extends Sam’s services to his valued customers. Sam gives John’s customers preferential treatment in reward for the very low customer acquisition cost.

In the end they split the profits generated from the partnership. John benefits by opening up an additional income stream in his business, and Sam benefits by getting new customers in the door at a low cost (and the opportunity to work those customers in his own back end).

There are an endless amount of opportunities to upsell and cross sell if you get creative.

Let’s explore how you can get more from what you’ve already got…


Practical Exercise

In this exercise you will be brainstorming how you can create more value for your customers:

  • Can you develop easy up-sell options or packages that you can offer at the point of sale to increase the size of the transaction?
  • What follow-up processes can you put in place to encourage your clients to come back to you more often?
  • What special offer or periodic sales can you strategically run to program you customers to buy from you more often?
  • What are some related products or services that you can offer to your existing customers?
  • What related businesses could you leverage to sell to your customers?
  • Imagine you were your prospect, considering they have purchased from you, what else are they likely going to need to buy? For example, if you are a graphic designer, your clients may also need printing services.
  • Is it possible to introduce a subscription based service to you clients? For example, a 'gold member program'?
  • Are you systematically programming your clients to refer you their friends?
  • Can you build a sales process tobring new leads into the business through a cheap product, and progressively introduce more expensive packages?

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